Dax: 2 Months Old


2 Months Old on June 30th
Weight: 15lbs 5 oz
Height: 24.5 inches

Because of Adam's grandmother's passing we had to re-schedule

Daxton's 2 month check up about a week out. 
He was seen on Wednesday, July 9th.

I was dreading this appointment since he was going to have

to get his first 'real' round of shots.
During the appointment we also found out that he had
a little ear infection :( 
I was kind of traumatized and felt like a bad mom
for not knowing that he had that.
He was coughing a little more than usual
and had a little congestion but acted so happy still. 
Anyway, we had to get a prescription of Amoxcillian
and then I also found out he has a little case of eczema. 
I had to get a prescription of cream and a few samples
of lotion and baby body wash for him.
Eczema runs in both of our families.
My sister has had it really bad her whole life and so does
my niece on Adam's side. 
Dax has done really well considering he has an ear infection.
He is still so smiley and happy
and he didn't act super different.
After his shots that night I just wanted to hold him
and cuddle all night long.
He acted a little more fussy but he just had this screams here
and there that Adam and I thought were so sad.
Luckily that didn't last too long and he has been acting
totally fine even with this little ear infection. 

Dax is becoming so fun! 
I have really noticed in the last few weeks how much more alert he is becoming
He definitely recognizes mine and Adam's voices and faces.
In his 2nd month of life he went on two big trips.
We went to Colorado when he was 5 weeks old.
He did fantastic while driving. 
I was very worried on how that would go but he did excellent.
On our drive out to Colorado, which was 10 hours, he woke up for the first
time in Paige, AZ and again at 4 Corners, then not until we arrived
in Alamosa. 
He slept basically the entire time except when eating. 
The week we were in Colorado he was a bit off.
I think he just could tell he wasn't in his usual environment 
so he was a little more high maintenance and was up 
a little bit more through out the night. 
My mom and sister were such a huge help to me
since I was in school that whole week.
On our drive home he did well too.
We stopped in a town called Montrose
and he ate again in Grand Junction and then not until 
Richfield and then we made it home. 
He is a happy baby so I am lucky. 

Our second trip at his 2 month mark was to Bountiful

with Adam's family and to Park City, UT for my family reunion.
He did quite well to both places. 
I could tell he was a little off at Adam's family's house
because he was waking up around 2:30 and then again at like 5 a.m.
I think he was too warm sometimes.
He is definitely his father's child and likes the ac on and cool
During our stay there Adam and I had gone out to lunch together
and I came back to Dax kind of fussy with his Grandma Holden.
She sat him up and he turned to look at me and I said 'hi buddy'
and then he instantly stuck out his bottom lip and puckered
and started crying and crying.
It was the first time I think he really recognized me. 
I took him in my arms and he calmed right down. 
it was awesome. 

The other thing I have noticed this month is his 

fist to the mouth! 
It is by FAR the cutest thing I have ever seen.
He now recognizes, a little, that he has hands and arms
and so he shoves them in his mouth 
not like just a finger the whole dang fist
I can now see him do that sort of randomly and 
also when he gets really hungry. I have loved this new little development.
It's so fun that when I lay him down he no longer is wailing his arms
all over like a crazy person but he'll bring them slowly into his mouth.
He also will start grabbing, a little, his toy on his play mat. 

In this month we also bought him a little play mat with lots of toys

colors and a piano at the end that he can kick
He loves it! 
He is very content under there for at least a half hour if not longer
I am happy he is getting some stimulation and looking at colors.

He has been doing pretty well with his sleeping.

The month of June was hard because we had two trips basically
but this last week (mid July) he has started sleeping through the night. 
He has gone to bed between 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
and then has woken up somewhere between 5-6:30 a.m.

He also has really started getting use to our night time routine.

He was one of those babies that had his 'fussy period' during the evening.
I remember Adam coming up thinking this kid always cried, but 
that phase has since passed and I am so thrilled.
Now he usually wakes up around 5:30-6 p.m. and will eat.
Then he is content and we try and keep him awake.
He will play with us and play under  his play mat.
Then I start his bath around 8-8:30 p.m. and he loves this.
I think this little routine is helping him realize it is night time.
After bath time we have his last bottle and he usually goes out 
with that very fast. I don't do a whole lot of rocking or 'putting' him to sleep.
I am also needing to try and get him to fall asleep on his own 
so he doesn't always have to rely on someone to put him down
and I also need to try the crib in the next little while.
This month so far has been so fun and I love getting to know this little guy
I also have loved his smiles and almost giggles he is doing.
It is so fun and makes me so much more in love with him. 

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