Dax: 1 Month Old


1 Month Old on May 30th
Weight: 12lbs 4 oz
Height: 23 inches

I can't believe our baby is 1 month already! 
I have had so much fun being home with him and 
soaking up this month with him.
Dax got blessed at his 1 month mark on June 1st! 
But a separate post of that will follow shortly! 

In the first month it was a lot of getting to know each other.
Dax has been a really great baby though.
He hardly ever fusses unless he is hungry or tried. 
He has been a good sleeper but wakes up every 2-2.5 hours to eat.
He went to Taylor's high school graduation at just 3 weeks old
and did awesome! He slept the entire time! 
He is also very happy! He is smiley periodically and will sometimes
give the biggest smiles! 
His first big smile was only when he was a few days old! 
I caught it on camera when we were sitting at the doctors office! 

I haven't done any sort of a routine with him yet really.

It has been hard to establish  much when he is unpredictable 
and so little still! 
He loves being held and cuddled 
and he has really liked his rock n play sleeper that we got him.
It vibrates and I think this really helps soothe him. 
In this month he has gone from drinking 2 ounces, 3 ounces, to 3 1/2 ounces
and then all the way to 4 ounces. He is a great eater. 
He loves his car seat and can fall asleep pretty easily.
I have had some school work I have had to do so I have
had to part with him for a few hours a day to get it done.
He has gone to my mom's but done well and 
in those short amounts of time I have missed him.
It is awesome that he'll recognize my voice and Adam's voice.
When we were at my parents house Adam was talking
on the opposite side of the couch where he was at
and his head was cranked to look towards Adams voice.

We ventured out to dinner with him when he was just a week old 
to Roy's Pizza. just Adam and I and babe. 
He slept the whole time so it wasn't scary
but it was sure fun getting out. 
Then we went to Rib Chop House with my family
and I was so nervous to go out but he did great again 

In his first month of life we had one weird situation with his belly button.
Once his umbilical cord fell off there was another little piece in there
that would not fall off. 
It protruded out like a little puss pocket looking thing and was just
weird. So I had to take him a couple times for this silver nitrate treatment.
He did not like it, but it was like a match looking stick that
we had to rub on that part of his belly button.
I did the treatment for about a week but it made his skin
black and it burned him I think so I just stopped.
That weird looking thing eventually disappeared and all is good now.

He is literally so strong! 
From about the time he was a day or two old he has been lifting that head of his.
He would lay on my chest and then crank his head up,
almost like he was trying to look up at me.
He has continued to do that and get stronger.
He isn't a huge fan of tummy time though but 
is still a strong baby so I'm not worried. 
He was born with a good head of hair but within 
a few short weeks he started to loose that cute
strawberry/blonde hair..
but he is hanging on to a patch in the back..

This month has been great with him.
We are learning every day new things that work for him or
things he likes and it just takes practice and patience
both of which I am becoming a pro at I think.
Every day I just think how crazy it is that we are parents
and this little boy is ours and we get to raise him.
What a crazy journey! 

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